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Q- How do you count the words to be translated?

A- In Microsoft Word: "Tools" - > "Word Count" - > "Characters (without spaces)". If the words of the original document can't be counted directly (the original document is printed publication or contains a large number of images or charts that can't be directly edited), we'll produce the electronic version through scanning and count words with the aforementioned method.




Q- How long will it take to finish my project?

A- The time needed for translation will be determined according to the specific work. Of course, it varies due to the workload of the translator in different periods, the professionalism of each translation, and our adherence to the quality process. Taking the typical Chinese-Portuguese business document as an example, the translation output can range from 3,000 to 5,000 words per day.


Q- How long do you work every day?

A- The hours for receipt of original documents are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on working days. If an original document is sent after 6 p.m., we'll process it the next working day. If the document is urgent, please inform us before 5 p.m. so that we can arrange overtime work.


Q- How do I send you the file for translation?

A- You can send us the file by e-mail or upload the file to our FTP server. Alternatively, you can scan our WeChat QR CODE and send the file to us.

Q- Do you accept a small volume of translation?

A- We gladly accept small-volume translation assignments. Because each procedure requires a portion of our team and network, a document of less than 1,000 words is charged as a 1,000-word file; ID cards, bankbooks, drivers' licenses, business licenses, and notarization materials are charged by the copies of papers; long-term customers may be invoiced at regular intervals.


Q- How can I quickly determine the cost of translation?

A- The simplest way to determine the cost is to fill out the Translation Consulting form on this website or scan the company's WeChat QR code. Our customer-service specialist will promptly give you a cost estimate.

Q- What types of file formats do you accept?

A- We accept almost all standard file formats. If your file is a hard copy, you can send photos to our office. Our professional OCR technicians will assist you without an additional charge.


Q- How do you guarantee the confidentiality of documents?

A- Our company implements a policy of confidentiality for all project files, correspondence and customer details, in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (8/2005). Therefore, unless otherwise stated, the company will maintain the secrecy of the customers' files according to the above provisions. At the same time, the customer may also notify the company in advance, and the two sides will conclude a confidentiality agreement regarding any particular security measures that may be required.


Q- What are the benefits of your long-term clients?
A- There are many benefits to become our long-term clients

    i. Our company will develop a dedicated term bank for each long-term client.

    ii. Long-term clients have the priority to enjoy the allocation of translation resources and other services, which means dedicated professionals will be assigned (i.e., dedicated translators, specialized technicians and other logistics personnel) to be responsible for the quality and efficiency of your project.

    iii. Our company will provide an annual special offer.

    iv. File transmission is more confidential (e.g., an exclusive channel for document uploading/downloading).

    v. Long-term clients can get additional service (e.g., no upfront fee or additional charge for urgent translation)

Q- How do you provide services and payment for overseas, Hong Kong and Chinese mainland clients?

A- We communicate with clients in China, Hong Kong and mainland China via telephone, fax and e-mail. If there is need to use courier service, please inform us in advance. Generally, after we provide a detailed quotation, we require a 50% up-front fee for the first-time client. Payment is usually through wire transfer, but soon this site will also offer payment by credit card. Chinese mainland clients and clients who come to our office in person can also pay through Alipay and WeChat.


Q- Do you guarantee the delivery of the project?

A-We understand that time is of the essence. Once an assignment is received, the project manager will have a meeting with the relevant translators and have a comprehensive analysis of various factors. We believe that coordination between the people involved is of prime importance, given its influence on the daily workload. In order to ensure timely delivery, we'll fully consider any emergency situation that may cause a delay.

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