Introduction of languages

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  Accurate Words Translation Co., Ltd. provides translation service in nearly 20 languages. In addition to Chinese, Portuguese, English and Japanese--our particular specialties--we offer services in Korean, Thai, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and other commonly used languages.

       Our team has persevered in its efforts, and through regular visits to several universities we now have an extensive network of linguists and other experts. In 2015, our list of languages expanded from the original four to approximately 20, thanks to the great support from the Faculty of Fine Arts Lisbon, the Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. We greatly appreciate the advice and assistance provided by these universities and private institutions, and we've incorporated the talent from these universities into the core of our operation.

       Several other Asian languages have also been included in our service scope over the past year, such as Burmese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Turkish.

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