Pricing policy

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Charge is determined by a number of factors, including:

1.pngThe complexity of materials and the professional skills required by the translator.

If the translation involves sophisticated technology in one or more specialized fields (such as medicine, physics and chemistry), the cost will generally be higher. The cost of translation of general business documents translation is relatively low; technical translation in unpopular fields is more expensive, because the professionals must be located and vetted.

2.pngTurnaround time

With regard to the delivery time, we strive to meet the reasonable requirements of clients. We welcome urgent translation assignments and charge no more than 30% additional charges. Additionally, given that our company adheres to the high quality of translation, not a single translation process may be skipped. Please contact us in advance, and we'll decide whether to accelerate the translation process.

3.pngWord count

For a document of less than 1,000 words, we offer three general solutions:1)A document of less than 1,000 words is charged on the basis of 1,000 words; 2) ID cards, bankbooks, drivers' licenses, business licenses, notarization materials are charged by the copies of papers; 3) long-term clients may be invoiced at regular intervals.

4.pngThe original language and the target language of the translation

It's much easier to translate a foreign language into a mother tongue than to translate a native language into a foreign one. The quality of translation in the former case is also easier to guarantee. For example, we charge less for English-Chinese translation than for Chinese-English translation.

5.pngFile format

Our company has a professional editing team and can absolutely meet customer requirements in formatting. Printed documents, handwritten manuscripts, complex tables and text in images are not subject to additional fees.

6.pngLong-term cooperation

So as to establish long-term cooperation with each customer, we provide customers with more budget-friendly services. We also don't charge rush fees for long-term customers; in addition, for the long-term translation project containing a certain extent of repetition, we can sign a long-term cooperation agreement with our client, in which we can negotiate a special offer and/or a fixed annual charge.


A media company in Macau can choose to sign an agreement on media cooperation with us. This will convert 40% of the translation fees into advertising fees.

8.pngSupport for academic research 

To encourage implementation of the government's smart governance philosophy, we offer discounts to learning/training centers, colleges and universities.

9.pngCooperation between small- and medium-sized enterprises and Portuguese-speaking countries

The company has always encouraged and helped the cooperation between small- and medium-sized enterprises and Portuguese-speaking countries, made full use of the Sino-Portuguese bilingual advantage of Macau to play a role as a bridge, and offered discounts to the translation projects in the economy and culture.

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